Efeler Ligi - Turkish Men's Volleyball League


Start date: 18.10.2023

End date: 20.01.2024

Season 2023 / 24


The premier men's volleyball league in Turkey, officially known as the Efe League (Turkish: Efeler Ligi), is recognized as the pinnacle of professional men's volleyball within the country. Administered by the Turkish Volleyball Federation, this league was established in 1970 and has since earned a distinguished reputation as one of Europe's foremost national volleyball leagues. 

This league's inception marked the transition from the earlier Turkish Volleyball Championship, which was actively contested from 1948 until 1970, and its member clubs have consistently achieved remarkable success in various European competitions. 

For the season 2023/24 there are 14 volleyball clubs taking part in the tournament:

  • Galatasaray

  • Arkasspor

  • Fenerbahce Istanbul

  • Ziraat Bankasi

  • Spor Toto

  • Halkbank

  • Tursad

  • Hatay B.Sehir

  • Bursa

  • Develi

  • Alanya Bld

  • Cizre Bld

  • Akkus Bld

  • Hekimoglu Bursa

The 2023/24 season will start on 18.10. with Akkus Bld playing against Hekimoglu Bursa in round 1, while the final game of round 16 will mark the end of the season with last season’s champion Ziraat Bankasi competing against Cizre Bld on 20.01.2024.