Plus Liga - Polish Men's Volleyball Competition


Start date: 20.10.2023

End date: 03.01.2024

Season 2023 / 24


The Plus Liga is the highest professional men's volleyball league in Poland and one of the most prominent and competitive volleyball leagues in Europe. It was founded in 2000 and has since become the premier men's volleyball competition in Poland. The league typically consists of a regular season followed by playoffs. During the regular season, teams compete in a round-robin format, facing each other multiple times. The top teams then advance to the playoffs, culminating in the league's champion being crowned.

Some teams from the Plus Liga have a history of success in European competitions, such as the CEV Champions League and the CEV Cup,  the official second-tier competition for European men's volleyball clubs. Polish clubs have often performed well on the international stage, further enhancing the league's prestige.

In this year’s Plus Liga's competition, there will be 16 teams competing:

  • Rzeszow

  • Olsztyn

  • Projekt Warszawa

  • Jastrzebski

  • Belchatow

  • Gdansk

  • Kedzierzyn-Kozle

  • Cuprum

  • Czarni Radom

  • Barkom

  • Stal Nysa

  • Slepsk Suwalki

  • Zawiercie

  • GKS Katowice

  • Luk Lublin

  • Norwid Czestochowa

Luk Lublin will open the 2023/24 season by competing against Czarni Radom on 20.10. and the last game will be played on 03.01.2024. with Stal Nysa competing against Slepsk Suwalki. We’re all curious to see what last season’s champion will manage to achieve Jastrzębski this time, and which club will make Poland proud this time!